Sunglasses for Fishing

A full day of boating, jigging, casting, trolling, or reeling can be a task. This along with intense glare can cause eye fatigue that can lead to headaches. You can reduce fatigue with quality eyewear. Scheyden Precision Eyewear offers premium 8 layer polarized mineral glass lenses that will relax your eyes and provide the highest level of optical clarity. This paired with the revolutionary Composite-Hybrid wrapped frames, designed for all day comfort, will enhance your fishing excursion to a level you have never experienced before.

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Scheyden’s Premium Multi-Layer Polarized Coating Process delivers superior optical clarity. Our distortion-free polarized lens technology provides sun protection for all outdoor activities. This lens dramatically reduces glare and bounce-back reflections while eliminating eye fatigue and strain. Designed for fishing, boating, driving, and outdoor activities.

Grey lenses provide a true color perception, keeping the value or color, but are dark enough for bight, sunny days. Bronze lenses give a stronger contrast and enhances depth perception. Activities that involve green grass or blue skies will appreciate the clarity of bronze lenses where high reflection surfaces like water are better tackled with grey lenses.

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The Scheyden Precision Eyewear Collection is engineered to aerospace like tolerances. It is manufactured in the small community of Fukui, Japan, renowned for producing some of the finest eyewear in the world. They are available in Fixed Gear Titanium, full wrap Fixed Gear Hybrids, and Titanium Dual Rx Flip-Ups. Options include non-polarized or polarized, mineral glass or CR-39 composite lenses. Both lenses feature a multi-layer coating process that produces superior optical clarity and comfort. Prescription Rx lenses are available upon request.

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