Scheyden CIA Sunglasses Review


Scheyden CIA Sunglasses Review 

By: Matt Meeker of



The Scheyden CIA – Confidence In Action – sunglasses have lenses designed for the visual subtleties of golf plus hand crafted frames that deliver comfort and style.


Jeff Herold may love to fly planes, but golf is his true passion.  His company Club Glove is well known in golf circles for its acclaimed golf travel bags, and sister company Scheyden makes eyewear highly regarded by pilots.  Now, after intense development, Jeff brings the families closer with Scheyden’s first golf specific sunglasses – the Scheyden CIA.


I marveled at the optical clarity of the glass lenses in the Scheyden Mustang last year and the new polyamide lens in the CIA are equally impressive.  Looking through the decentered nylon composite lenses, objects are amazingly crisp and clear, and shades of green are distinctive.  On the golf course, I picked up on subtle contours and easily followed the flight of golf balls.

At 33% light transmission, the tint level is on the lighter side, and enhanced the view when ambient light levels were low.  In all conditions my eyes remained relaxed, but right at the edge of comfort for the bright sunshine of Orlando.  Fortunately, Scheyden has a darker lens in the works for folks with more sensitive eyes like mine.


The Scheyden CIA sunglasses offer a stylish blend of upscale frames and athletic contoured lenses.  Utilizing titanium keeps the framework trim – saving weight and offering adjustability.  The distinctive badging adds to the overall appealing aesthetics.

The oversized silicone nose pads are also adjustable and combine with the temples for a comfortable, secure fit.  The contour of the lens and lack of frame on the sides and bottom kept my field of view unobstructed whether standing tall with the driver or poised to sink a five footer.  The drill mounting for the nose pads caught my eyes initially, but were quickly tuned out.


The Scheyden CIA sunglasses are a wonderful blend of golf-centric performance and country club looks.  Lightweight yet sturdy, the frames exude quality.  Optics are as good as I’ve encountered and the lens color is excellent for reading the contours of the fairways and greens.



Scheyden Mustang Sunglasses Review


Scheyden Mustang Sunglasses Review

By: Matt Meeker 


Combining the optical clarity of glass lenses with strong yet lightweight titanium frames, the Mustang sunglasses from Scheyden provide up-scale style and performance for the golf course or dining al fresco at a trendy ocean front bistro.

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Scheyden Mustang RX dual sunglasses


Those of us who have medical certificates emblazoned with “Must wear corrective lenses” can be conflicted when aviating. Constantly changing light conditions can mean the need to switch glasses frequently.

Scheyden Mustang RX glasses provide thin, headset-friendly frames and high-quality clear prescription lenses mated to a pair of flip-up sunglasses. The lenses include anti-reflective and anti-glare coatings as well as protection from UVA and UVB rays. Photo by David Tulis.

During preflight, we might be peering deep into a dark cowling while outside on a bright ramp. Within minutes, we might be climbing through a cloud deck that is dark on the bottom, but amazingly bright as we near the top with even brighter sunshine just above. Contact lenses can reduce the hassle, but as we age, finding just the right contact lens prescription that allows for crisp near and far vision becomes more difficult…for some I’m told... Apparently my arms are getting shorter.


The most convenient solution I’ve found so far are Scheyden Mustang RX glasses, which provide thin, headset-friendly frames and high-quality clear prescription lenses mated to a pair of flip-up sunglasses. The lenses include anti-reflective and anti-glare coatings as well as protection from UVA and UVB rays, an important consideration when flying at even relatively low altitudes. And, of course, optimized for aviation use, they are not polarized; polarization can interfere with one’s ability to see certain electronic displays in the cockpit.


Importantly, because, hey, we are pilots with a certain image to project, the sunglasses look sharp.

Now, back in the ‘70s someone declared cheap plastic, clip-on flip-up sunglasses to be geeky, and the notion stuck. Combine those with dark knee-high socks and shorts and well…you get the point.

However, the Scheyden Mustangs look far more professional, and with titanium frames and precision hinges they are light-years beyond what your father bought at the drug store during that family vacation to South of the Border. And, by the way, the Scheydens are not clip-ons.

The sunglasses are permanently attached to the frame, making for a much more durable solution. Use your thumb and index finger to flip the sunglasses up. Lower them by pressing down on the bridge with your index finger as they snap crisply back into place. When taking off before sunset, no more fishing in your flight bag for your “regular” glasses as the sun sets. Just flip the sunglasses out of the way.

The Mustang RX sunglasses are available in two colors, neutral gray and high contrast bronze, which I have found to work well on both bright and dark but still glary days. Prices start at about $450.

Thomas B Haines

Editor in Chief
AOPA Editor in Chief Tom Haines joined AOPA in 1988. He owns and flies a Beechcraft A36 Bonanza. Since soloing at 16 and earning a private pilot certificate at 17, he has flown more than 100 models of general aviation airplanes.

For those whose lifestyle demands precision, Scheyden delivers


For those whose lifestyle demands precision, Scheyden delivers

Jeff Herold, President and CEO of West Coast Trends, Inc., makers of the Club Glove golf travel bags, accessories, and luggage, originally created Scheyden Eyewear to fill a void that he felt the eyewear industry lacked- aviation specific sunglasses. Herold began flying in the late 1990s to allow for more efficient business travel. He worked diligently to build his hours and eventually received his private pilot license and now flies a single engine turbo prop that can get him nearly anywhere in the region faster than a commercial airline.


When Jeff took up flying he immediately noted that there were not any “headset specific” sunglass frames that were truly designed for total comfort in the cockpit. Though the pilot world is not a vast population, Herold felt the need to begin designing sunglasses that made total sense for aviators, focusing on comfort and functionality. As with everything he has done in the past, he pursued the highest level of quality and manufacturing. After a trip to Japan, where some of the world’s most renowned eyewear producers are located, Herold set up manufacturing and the Scheyden Eyewear brand was born.


Scheyden Eyewear has been a boutique brand that has focused on aviation over the past 18 years. They have been a supplier to some of the world’s most skilled pilots including the Air Force Thunderbird Team, numerous competitive aerobatic pilots and show pilots, along with Red Bull air racers.


Though the majority of the line is intentionally designed with non-polarized lenses for cockpit-friendly use, the brand also added the highest level clarity mineral glass, polarized lenses to their line for boat captains and fishing enthusiasts. “After many years of very satisfied customers in the aviation world we realized that these sunglasses can be used for a broad spectrum of activities,” says Herold. The activities suggested by the company are generally related to what they call ‘precision activities.’ Herold states, “We explain to our customers that this eyewear is not designed for action sports. If you feel as though you are going to get hit in the face while performing a certain activity, these are not the sunglasses for you; however, if you need a frame that’s going to provide the lowest level of distortion and fatigue that can be obtained in the world, Scheyden Eyewear is likely the right fit for you.”


Scheyden Eyewear frames offer the best combination of quality and comfort, finished with an all-around classic and sophisticated look. If you’re looking for high-quality glasses that are durable, functional, and comfortable, Scheyden Precision Eyewear may be just the brand for you. The eyewear is available in several optical shops regionally, but it can also be ordered directly online at Prescriptions are also available. 

The Always Appealing Timeless Aviator Style


The Always Appealing Timeless Aviator Style

Photographed by NED MATURA









Scheyden's Bold Fashion Statement


Scheyden's Bold Fashion Statement


Stephen Pope

Flying Magazine Editor



Mustang Aviator Sunglasses Combine Style and Substance

It used to be that if you want the ultimate sunglases for flying you picked up a pair of classic Ray-Ban Aviators and headed for the airport. Not anymore. These days you can choose from dozones of great aviator-style protective glasses, some designed for serious piloting duty and others intended to make a fashion statement. 

The Mustang aviator line of eyewear from Scheyden, a maker of precision sunglasses, watches and flight bags, is one of the few we've tried that manages to do both. With a lightweight titatnium frame featuring superthin tapered arms, these sunglasses fit comfortably under any headset. The highcontrast, nonpolarized bronze lenses we tried are also amon gthe best at cutting through haze, coming in a close second only to Vedalo's remarkable Azzurro2 aviator sunglasses.

Where the handmade Scheyden Mustang line sets itself apart is in the quality construction and sleek, modern look. These are sunglasses you'll want to wear everywhere, whterh it's the cockpit, the golf course, the beach or while dining outside at your favorite restaurant. They look good, and they feel good too.

In fact, nobody will see these glases and immediately think "aviator." You might not even refer to them as your flying sunglass. That is, until you slip them on and climb into the cockpit. Then it becomes crystal clear these are great multipurpose shades that rank near the top of any list of pilot eyewear. 

The Scheyden square-frame titanium Mustang sunglasses with nonpolarized bronze lenses that we evaluated sell for a retail price of $309 and are available through - S.P. 


Scheyden Mustang Sunglasses

Scheyden Mustang Sunglasses
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/18/13
Your humble correspondent has learned that in golf equipment, as with musical instruments and family law attorneys, "you get what you pay for." With this precept in mind...

The Scheyden Fixed Gear Mustang sunglasses are of the aviator / navigator style; our review model features seven-layer, non-polarized lenses in neutral gray, which are advertised as ideal for aviation, golf, and for driving. This version is priced at (U.S.) $309. The Mustange is available both in neutral gray and high-contrast brone in polarized and non-polarized glass and come standard with a premium protective case and cleaning kit. A three-year limited warranty is standard, while a lifetime warranty is also available.

From Scheyden:
"Our classic navigator style has broken the mold. Crafted with the finest materials in the world; offering hand ground crystal clear mineral glass lenses, ultra-light titanium frames, and silicone nose pieces. A distinguished sporty look designed to fit a range of facial shapes."

Learn more about Scheyden sunglasses

Straight out of the box, the style is certainly more traditional and seemingly more compatible with a wider variety of clothing than wraparound shades. As with any unfamiliar pair of sunglasses, the appearance may take a little "getting used to," but hardly in an unpleasant way.



The titanium frames are sturdy and the medium-sized spring-action arms securely and neatly snap into position.

The people at Scheyden very helpfully advertise their models as fitting different-size faces — in the case of the Mustang, they fit large- to medium-size faces. Evidently, this writer has a smaller face, because the Mustang is rather pronounced in its position: The temple arms rest a considerable distance back of my ears, while the nose bridge pads sit somewhat precariously near the bottom edges of my nasal bones.

The balance of weight is also pronounced here; the seven-layer glasses provide a considerable amount of counter-balance to the ultra-lightweight arms, so on my smaller face, the Mustang almost feels like it will slide off my beak.

Having said that, the glasses are quite stable during the golf swing — even with my face not being the ideal size for the Mustangs. The coverage is of a wide aspect ratio, which still permits some light to get in around the top and sides, if you happen to notice it.


Each person's desired shape and style of sunglasses is highly subjective matter, so the fact that the oversized (for me) frame and rectangular lenses did not bowl me over and leave me with unbridled enthusiasm is best chalked up to a size and style mis-match, even while driving a vehicle instead of playing golf.

What is not debatable is the tremendous about of time and effort that went into the design and optional features Scheyden puts into their sunglass offerings. This is evidenced by how their Avalon model is available in both small and large frames. Scheyden also offers hybridflip-up, and dual prescription models. They also offer rather attractive aviator wristwatches and thoughtfully-designed luggage.

As with golf clubs and clothing, sunglasses should be tried and auditioned, rather than purchased in a haphazard manner. Scheyden's sunglasses are definitely worth a look from any golfers seeking high-end, high-performance sunglasses.



Mario Wears Scheydens


Mario Wears Scheydens


Mario Lopez Pictured in Life & Style magazine wearing Scheyden Mustang, fixed gear Sunglasses.



Fishing the Shallow Seas


Fishing the Shallow Seas


 "On my last trip to DWCC I tried a nice pair of Scheyden sunglasses in my prescription, and they are superb. The lenses did everything I asked, and they are stylish as well."
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