For those whose lifestyle demands precision, Scheyden delivers

For those whose lifestyle demands precision, Scheyden delivers

Jeff Herold, President and CEO of West Coast Trends, Inc., makers of the Club Glove golf travel bags, accessories, and luggage, originally created Scheyden Eyewear to fill a void that he felt the eyewear industry lacked- aviation specific sunglasses. Herold began flying in the late 1990s to allow for more efficient business travel. He worked diligently to build his hours and eventually received his private pilot license and now flies a single engine turbo prop that can get him nearly anywhere in the region faster than a commercial airline.


When Jeff took up flying he immediately noted that there were not any “headset specific” sunglass frames that were truly designed for total comfort in the cockpit. Though the pilot world is not a vast population, Herold felt the need to begin designing sunglasses that made total sense for aviators, focusing on comfort and functionality. As with everything he has done in the past, he pursued the highest level of quality and manufacturing. After a trip to Japan, where some of the world’s most renowned eyewear producers are located, Herold set up manufacturing and the Scheyden Eyewear brand was born.


Scheyden Eyewear has been a boutique brand that has focused on aviation over the past 18 years. They have been a supplier to some of the world’s most skilled pilots including the Air Force Thunderbird Team, numerous competitive aerobatic pilots and show pilots, along with Red Bull air racers.


Though the majority of the line is intentionally designed with non-polarized lenses for cockpit-friendly use, the brand also added the highest level clarity mineral glass, polarized lenses to their line for boat captains and fishing enthusiasts. “After many years of very satisfied customers in the aviation world we realized that these sunglasses can be used for a broad spectrum of activities,” says Herold. The activities suggested by the company are generally related to what they call ‘precision activities.’ Herold states, “We explain to our customers that this eyewear is not designed for action sports. If you feel as though you are going to get hit in the face while performing a certain activity, these are not the sunglasses for you; however, if you need a frame that’s going to provide the lowest level of distortion and fatigue that can be obtained in the world, Scheyden Eyewear is likely the right fit for you.”


Scheyden Eyewear frames offer the best combination of quality and comfort, finished with an all-around classic and sophisticated look. If you’re looking for high-quality glasses that are durable, functional, and comfortable, Scheyden Precision Eyewear may be just the brand for you. The eyewear is available in several optical shops regionally, but it can also be ordered directly online at Prescriptions are also available. 


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