Scheyden Mustang Sunglasses

Scheyden Mustang Sunglasses
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/18/13
Your humble correspondent has learned that in golf equipment, as with musical instruments and family law attorneys, "you get what you pay for." With this precept in mind...

The Scheyden Fixed Gear Mustang sunglasses are of the aviator / navigator style; our review model features seven-layer, non-polarized lenses in neutral gray, which are advertised as ideal for aviation, golf, and for driving. This version is priced at (U.S.) $309. The Mustange is available both in neutral gray and high-contrast brone in polarized and non-polarized glass and come standard with a premium protective case and cleaning kit. A three-year limited warranty is standard, while a lifetime warranty is also available.

From Scheyden:
"Our classic navigator style has broken the mold. Crafted with the finest materials in the world; offering hand ground crystal clear mineral glass lenses, ultra-light titanium frames, and silicone nose pieces. A distinguished sporty look designed to fit a range of facial shapes."

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Straight out of the box, the style is certainly more traditional and seemingly more compatible with a wider variety of clothing than wraparound shades. As with any unfamiliar pair of sunglasses, the appearance may take a little "getting used to," but hardly in an unpleasant way.



The titanium frames are sturdy and the medium-sized spring-action arms securely and neatly snap into position.

The people at Scheyden very helpfully advertise their models as fitting different-size faces — in the case of the Mustang, they fit large- to medium-size faces. Evidently, this writer has a smaller face, because the Mustang is rather pronounced in its position: The temple arms rest a considerable distance back of my ears, while the nose bridge pads sit somewhat precariously near the bottom edges of my nasal bones.

The balance of weight is also pronounced here; the seven-layer glasses provide a considerable amount of counter-balance to the ultra-lightweight arms, so on my smaller face, the Mustang almost feels like it will slide off my beak.

Having said that, the glasses are quite stable during the golf swing — even with my face not being the ideal size for the Mustangs. The coverage is of a wide aspect ratio, which still permits some light to get in around the top and sides, if you happen to notice it.


Each person's desired shape and style of sunglasses is highly subjective matter, so the fact that the oversized (for me) frame and rectangular lenses did not bowl me over and leave me with unbridled enthusiasm is best chalked up to a size and style mis-match, even while driving a vehicle instead of playing golf.

What is not debatable is the tremendous about of time and effort that went into the design and optional features Scheyden puts into their sunglass offerings. This is evidenced by how their Avalon model is available in both small and large frames. Scheyden also offers hybridflip-up, and dual prescription models. They also offer rather attractive aviator wristwatches and thoughtfully-designed luggage.

As with golf clubs and clothing, sunglasses should be tried and auditioned, rather than purchased in a haphazard manner. Scheyden's sunglasses are definitely worth a look from any golfers seeking high-end, high-performance sunglasses.




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