Scheyden's Bold Fashion Statement

Scheyden's Bold Fashion Statement


Stephen Pope

Flying Magazine Editor



Mustang Aviator Sunglasses Combine Style and Substance

It used to be that if you want the ultimate sunglases for flying you picked up a pair of classic Ray-Ban Aviators and headed for the airport. Not anymore. These days you can choose from dozones of great aviator-style protective glasses, some designed for serious piloting duty and others intended to make a fashion statement. 

The Mustang aviator line of eyewear from Scheyden, a maker of precision sunglasses, watches and flight bags, is one of the few we've tried that manages to do both. With a lightweight titatnium frame featuring superthin tapered arms, these sunglasses fit comfortably under any headset. The highcontrast, nonpolarized bronze lenses we tried are also amon gthe best at cutting through haze, coming in a close second only to Vedalo's remarkable Azzurro2 aviator sunglasses.

Where the handmade Scheyden Mustang line sets itself apart is in the quality construction and sleek, modern look. These are sunglasses you'll want to wear everywhere, whterh it's the cockpit, the golf course, the beach or while dining outside at your favorite restaurant. They look good, and they feel good too.

In fact, nobody will see these glases and immediately think "aviator." You might not even refer to them as your flying sunglass. That is, until you slip them on and climb into the cockpit. Then it becomes crystal clear these are great multipurpose shades that rank near the top of any list of pilot eyewear. 

The Scheyden square-frame titanium Mustang sunglasses with nonpolarized bronze lenses that we evaluated sell for a retail price of $309 and are available through - S.P. 



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