Can't Wear Sunglasses For Golf...Scheyden Eyewear May Have The Answer 



Can't Wear Sunglasses For Golf...Scheyden Eyewear May Have The Answer   


HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (July 5, 2018) – Scheyden Eyewear, known as the finest eyewear in General Aviation, carries its quality, comfort, and function into the golf industry with its latest product release. The 'Confidence In Action,' or the "CIA," golf-specific sunglasses are expected to officially launch in late July.

Scheyden, a supplier to the United States Air Force Thunderbird Team, focuses on activities that require the highest quality in terms of comfort, function, and lens clarity. A complete round of golf can be very similar to a pilot flying a 4 or 5-hour mission. Fatigue is always a factor during a long day of intense focus and concentration. Scheyden has brought to the forefront a “golf-specific” frame and lens combination with a level of quality that has not yet been seen in the industry.

Jeff Herold, pilot, golfer, and CEO of West Coast Trends, Inc. explains, “Our goal here at Scheyden Eyewear is not to simply impress those who regularly wear sunglasses on the golf course, but furthermore, to impress those that have never been able to wear sunglasses during a round of golf. If you take note of the PGA Tour, more than half of the players never wear sunglasses, primarily because they believe it somehow hinders their game. If we can bring to market a product that will not only protect a player’s eyes, but actually enhance their ability to see and play with confidence, then we have hit a grand slam home run.”

The golf-specific ‘CIA’ is handmade in Japan and features a feather-light, incredibly strong, titanium frame with a high definition, dye infused, LT33 polyamide lens. The lens is a decentered eight base, 33% Light Transmission wrap. This lens that actually appears to brighten and sharpen your vision on the golf course yet still provides 100% UVA and UVB 400nm protection. The LT33 lenses are top drill mounted eliminating 60% of the lower frame and allowing for an unobstructed view while addressing the ball. The frame also includes adjustable, oversized, soft, tacky, silicone nose pads that will keep the frames comfortably in place during the most powerful of golf swings. Herold adds, “When blending dyes to colorize the tint on any lens one must consider the reaction that the ‘visible light spectrum’ has on the human brain. After several attempts in blending the dyes, we feel we have found the perfect sweet spot within the visible light spectrum that will create the perfect contrast and color for the game of golf. This sweet spot will allow the player to put the Scheyden CIA’s on and keep them on during the entire round, including while performing shots in the shade of a tree.” A “sensitive eyes” slightly darker lens within the same light spectrum is on the horizon.” 


About Scheyden 

Scheyden (SHAY-den) creates precision, handcrafted eyewear, watches, and flight crew luggage for individuals who demand nothing but the best. The Scheyden Precision Eyewear is a supplier to the United States Air Force and is engineered to aerospace-like tolerances. They are hand made in the small community of Fukui, Japan- widely recognized for their exceptional eyewear and lens technology. The True Aviator Steam Gauge Watch is a multi-chronograph precision timepiece with a liquid compass and hails as the world’s first timepiece to feature the ATIS Aide-Memoire bezel. Scheyden’s Flight Crew luggage is built in America with the finest materials available for unparalleled durability and ease of use. 


For more information regarding Scheyden Precision Eyewear or to purchase products visit or call (714) 843-1975. Get social with @Scheyden on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @ScheydenEyewear.




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