Scheyden Eyewear Prepares to Move into Mainstream with Addition of New Sales Staff, Ad campaign, and New Retailers


Scheyden Eyewear Prepares to Move into Mainstream with Addition of New Sales Staff, Ad campaign, and New Retailers


HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (March 20, 2017) – Scheyden Precision Eyewear reports that it will expand their marketing and sales efforts this spring commencing right in their own backyard of sunny Southern California. The campaign includes the addition of new staff personnel, local billboard ad placements, along with print advertising in national magazines. This is all in an effort to introduce mainstream consumers to their luxury sunglass line which has been primarily geared towards the aviation world.


Recent additions to the Scheyden Eyewear staff include newly appointed Brand manager, Jon Pariseau; National Accounts Representative, Gene Chase; and a new Southern California Outside Representative, Lenny Rosenberg. All three of these individuals bring with them a tremendous wealth of knowledge, brand building, and retail sales. This increase in staffing allows the company’s network of retailers more direct and constant contact to their product and service needs.


The spring 2017 launch of the new marketing campaign will include several premiere billboard ad placements in the major metropolitan Los Angeles areas. To coincide with the outdoor static campaign, Scheyden is also initiating full page print advertisements in a number of highly renowned magazines. With this campaign, the company hopes to reach a new and more broadened audience outside of their “aviation comfort zone.”


“For years we have been the most popular eyewear in General Aviation and we have enjoyed its fraternity-like culture. Now we feel it’s time to transcend to the mainstream and introduce Scheyden quality to the rest of the world,” says CEO, Jeffrey Herold.


Plans of increasing the network of retailers and boutiques have also been in motion. Earlier this year Scheyden announced the addition of three new retailers, Vana Watch and Jewelry, Pasadena Watch Co. (both located in Pasadena) and Darcy’s Fine Jewelers in Santa Ana. The most recent addition is Spectacular Shades, a premium eyewear retailer in Palm Desert.

There are currently a total of four premium eyewear categories: Fixed Gear Titanium, Fixed Hybrid Cedar Rolled Composite, Fixed Gear Composite, and the Dual RX Titanium.  To shop Scheyden Precision Eyewear or to find out more, visit



About Scheyden


Scheyden (SHAY-den) creates precision, handcrafted eyewear, watches, and luggage for individuals who demand nothing but the best. The Scheyden Precision Eyewear Collection is engineered to aerospace-like tolerances with the best materials available and made in the small community of Fukui, Japan- widely recognized for their exceptional eyewear and lens technology. The True Aviator Steam Gauge Watch is a multi-chronograph precision timepiece with a liquid compass and hails as the world’s first timepiece to feature the ATIS Aide-Memoire bezel. Scheyden’s Flight Crew luggage is built in America with the finest materials available for unparalleled durability and ease of use. Whether you demand precision on Land, Air or Sea, Scheyden understands that failure is not an option.


For more information regarding Scheyden Precision Eyewear or to purchase products visit or call (714) 843-1975. Get social with @Scheyden on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @ScheydenEyewear.





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