Scheyden Presents Top Prize at Annual YSH Tournament at Balboa Angling Club

Scheyden Presents Top Prize at Balboa Angling Club Annual YSH Tournament 
Huntingtion Beach, CA – Scheyden Precision Eyewear – The leader in aviation and fishing eyewear presents three pairs of eyewear, one for each category winner, as one of the tournament sponsors during the annual Balboa Angling Club’s YSH Tournament from June 4-­7, 2015. 
The YSH (Yellowtail, Sea Bass and Halibut) tournament started early morning June 4th and went through Sunday morning June 7th where the winner of each category was announced.  Each one of these winners had their choice of one pair of Scheydens sought after Fixed Hybrid Eyewear.  The comfortable and sleek group includes the Panorama, Jet-­‐A, Revelstoke and Revelry. 
“Scheyden strives to continue our partnerships and collaborations with local clubs and organizations.” says President Jeffery Herold. “The Balboa Angling Club is a great organization continuing the conservation of White Sea Bass as well as promoting catch and release. Scheyden is happy to support these True Anglers, and will continue to help educate the community.”  
The most popular model of the Fixed Hybrid group, the Jet-­‐A, is the designed to fit a wide range of facial sizes with unmatched optical clarity.  The crystal clear mineral glass 8-­‐layer polarized lens has up to 6x scratch resistance and is oil and water-­‐resistant.  The lightweight cedar-­‐rolled composite frame is highly heat-­‐resistant with adjustable nickel temple tips that fit comfortably under a hat for extended hours on the boat.   
Congratulations again to the winners! 
About Scheyden 
Scheyden (SHAY-­‐den) creates precision, handcrafted eyewear, watches, and luggage for individuals who demand nothing but the best. The Scheyden Precision Eyewear Collection is engineered to aerospace like tolerances with the best materials available, and artisinally made in the small community of Fukui, Japan.  The True Aviator Steam Gauge Watch is a multi-­‐chronograph precision timepiece with liquid compass, and hails as the world’s first timepiece to feature the ATIS Aide-­‐Memoire bezel. Scheyden’s Flight Crew luggage is built in America with the finest materials available for unparalleled durability and ease of use.  Whether you demand precision on Land, Air or Sea, Scheyden understands that failure is not an option.  


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