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Jeff King, caddie to Bo van Pelt

The CIA GRABBER is handmade in Japan and features a feather-light, incredibly strong, TR90 composite frame with a high definition, dye infused, LT33 or LT16 RSR (Razor Sharp Resin) lens made of a hard resin with clarity as close as possible to that of mineral glass. The lens is a decentered eight base, 33% or 16% Light Transmission wrap.

When blending dyes to colorize the tint on any lens one must consider the reaction that the ‘visible light spectrum’ has on the human brain. After several attempts in blending the dyes, we feel we have found the perfect sweet spot within the visible light spectrum that will create the perfect contrast and color for the game of golf. This sweet spot will allow the player to put the Scheyden CIA’s on and keep them on during the entire round, including while performing shots in the shade of a tree.


*LT33 Light Bronze is best:

  • If you have never worn sunglasses playing golf before.
  • If you play in continually changing light conditions such as early morning, dusk, overcast and shaded areas. 
  • This lens actually appears to brighten and sharpen your vision on the golf course yet still provides 100% UVA and UVB 400nm protection.


*LT16 Bronze is best:

  • If you are someone who consistently has been wearing sunglasses while playing golf.
  • If you encounter consistantly bright sunny conditions.
  • If your eyes have a high sensitivity to light.
  • This lens actually appears to sharpen your vision on the golf course yet still provides 100% UVA and UVB 400nm protection. 


Decentered, Dye infused, high-contrast, RSR (Razor Sharp Resin) LT33 or LT16 Lenses
Scheyden RSR lenses are made from a “Hard Resin” that is as close to the clarity of mineral glass as possible.
Triple Anti Reflective, Hydrophobic, and Flash Mirror Coating, UV 400
Hand-crafted, ultra-light, TR90 composite frame
Lower 60% rimless frame providing an unobstructed view at address
High quality, oversized silicone nose pads, soft and adhering for comfort
Shapeable wire injected temple tips for fully adjustable comfort and fit

No RX available


Premium Protective Case
Scheyden Cleaning cloth and pouch
Limited Lifetime Warranty
NQA Warranty Available - Call for more details


“ I have been wearing sunglasses for golf for many years and can attest that the Scheyden CIA Grabbers are the most comfortable golf sunglasses I have ever worn for golf. I also find that the light bronze lenses strike the perfect balance between cutting glare and allowing enough light to my eyes to see the ball at all times of day and in shady or sunny settings. I love my Scheyden’s”
Sunglasses are great. Very comfortable and clear lenses. Work great for golf, fishing, driving or just out in sunlight. Best sunglasses I have ever had
If you want the very best built and looking golf sunglasses, you need not look any further. The best sport sunglasses money can buy. Scheyden is the only one for me.
As someone who doesn’t traditionally wear sunglasses while making a golf swing, I've found myself able to play each shot with the CIA Grabbers on. There are no depth perception issues that you typically find with other sunglasses while standing over the golf ball. Also, there's an enhanced clarity of the ball and the course that other sunglasses don't offer.
I have been an Oakley wearer for over 30 years. My Scheyden sunglasses are BY FAR superior to my Oakleys. I am a PGA professional and former PGA Tour Champions player. I am now 70 years old, and seeing the ball in the air has become difficult. The CIA lenses have created a new world of vision for me. I can now follow the ball for over 250 yds. It’s great to see the ball again!

Rob Schaal
Best sunglasses I have ever had for golf. Totally recommend
Awesome pair of glasses. Been playing for 45 years and first pair of sunglasses that I feel totally comfortable reading greens (with glasses on)
I initially bought a pair to use when I play golf. But I enjoyed them while I was driving as well. Very good investment!
Love the glasses! I now can’t play without them and no other pair of sunglasses has ever came close to Scheyden in color or clarity.
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Standard 3 Year Warranty

Scheyden Precision Eyewear standard sun-lenses are covered for three (3) years from original date of purchase under manufacturer defects. Should you have the unfortunate circumstance of scratching or breaking your standard sun-lenses, West Coast Trends, Inc. will replace them for the following price:

  • $49.95 plus return shipping and handling. This includes Standard Sun-Lens replacement and ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Nose pads on our composite frames and cloisonné tips on certain models cannot be replaced. This offer is valid for your first lens replacement.

 Should you require additional lens replacements, the price schedule is as follows:

  • $89.95 plus shipping and handling. Standard Sun-Lens replacement to include frame tune up and labor.  
  • ReaderX, custom prescription and custom tinted lenses 
    (custom color, tint, etc.) are not covered under this warranty. 
    Effective December 1, 2010.

NQA 5 Year Warranty (No Questions Asked)

West Coast Trends, Inc. offers an extended warranty against irreparable damage, loss, or theft of the originally purchased frames and lenses. Call for details or click here for more information. 714.843.1975


RETURNSAll authorized returns must be made thirty days from purchase date. Exclusions may apply. Click here for more details.