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Peter Jacobsen


The Scheyden glasses are so light and comfortable, you don’t even know they’re on. Easy to hit any shot on the course, even a hard swing with the driver. The best sunglasses I’ve ever worn on the golf course or anywhere!

Peter Jacobsen –
7 Time PGA Tour Winner
2 Time PGA Tour Champions Winner
Golf Channel and NBC Commentator

Jon Waddell


Many years ago, I bought a pair of Scheyden Albatross at Flying Cloud Airport in Shakopee MN.  I have worn that pair of sunglasses ever since.  I would like to say I treated them very carefully because I liked them so much.  The reality is that they have been put through the ringer over time, but they are still rock solid, and the optics are still perfect.


I have recently spent more time at the gun range and need a good pair of polycarbonate glasses for eye protection.  Last week I reached out Scheyden.  The customer advocate I spoke to knew exactly what I needed.  


They were shipped almost immediately, and I received them this morning.  The CIA Grabber was exactly what I was looking for.  The construction and clarity of the lenses where perfect.  Even my wife loved them( I think she will get a pair now).


Again, thanks for the sunglasses and the top-notch service. 

Kent Dahlberg

"I ordered a pair of Scheyden’s new golf-specific sunglasses a few weeks ago with your promotional offer. I’ve been wearing them while driving around town but finally played a full round of golf in them yesterday in a private club’s Member-Guest tournament.

It was a hot (for New Hampshire), sunny and very windy day. The glasses worked great! Very comfortable and stable on my face, even when my skin grew moist with perspiration.

The lenses are great — filtering the bright sun without becoming too dark for golf when passing clouds block the sun or late afternoon when the daylight stars to soften and dim. Also, the vision is crystal clear, with no discernable distortion.

I wear contact lenses, so I particularly appreciated the wrap-around lenses’ protection from the constant stiff breeze and occasional bouts of wind. I wear contacts very well (no problems or discomfort), but I did sense my eyes stayed more moist and relaxed through five-plus hours of activity outdoors in demanding conditions."

Rudi Winsberg


"I just got the sunglasses and absolutely love them! Let me tell you that the photos on-line do no justice to the glasses. Can’t believe how light yet sturdy they feel. They fit perfectly well. I’m so looking forward to go flying in Miami on Saturday with my new sunglasses. 

Thanks a lot for all your help with n the ordering process and for making it a breeze. I’ll be your unofficial brand ambassador in Miami and in Latam!"

Rudi Winsberg

Never wear anything else when flying LOVE THE GLASSES


“I have had my Scheyden “Albatross” sunglasses for about 6 years. I dropped them once and sent them back to company to replace the broken len. Fixed, cleaned and returned promptly. Never wear anything else when flying LOVE THE GLASSES”





The Scheyden C130 Sunglasses are amazing.


"The Scheyden C130 Sunglasses are amazing. I’ve worn many high end sunglasses, and there’s simply no comparison. The fit, comfort, and clarity of these sunglasses are beyond any that I have previously worn in the cockpit. The bronze lens cuts through the haze of a low setting sun without masking the cockpit instruments. When I put these sunglasses on the clarity of my surroundings become sharp and brilliant with just the right amount of contrast. Fantastic visual performance in the flight levels as well as on the ground. The rugged case, along with the included cleaning cloth is perfect for keeping them protected in the rigors of an airline environment. The lightweight titanium frame ensures I don’t feel fatigued after multiple legs. They’re the first thing I have on prior to pushback of the A320, and the last thing I remove after blocking in. Recommending to all my friends serious about aviation and optimum visual acuity. Finally, customer service is amazing! Kudos to Amanda! Truly a high performance company with high performance products enhancing your most valuable asset - your vision.

Thank you Scheyden!"
- John Hicks, Commercial Airlines Pilot, Airbus A320 First Officer

I can confidently recommend their products and service to anyone.

"I am extremely pleased with both the quality of my Scheyden product, and the customer service that I've received from the team at Scheyden. I first purchased my sunglasses in 2010, and I was able to use them in multiple capacities, in different settings, all over the world. Since then I've had my pair of sunglasses replaced, and repaired. The employees at Scheyden have always handled my concerns with professionalism and alacrity. For these reasons, I can confidently recommend their products and service to anyone."
Thanks very much.

When it comes to the competition nothing compares.

"I have been wearing the Scheyden Albatross frames now for over 2 years. Whether flying for fun or taking my one-of-a-kind L139 Albatros jet around the track at the Reno Air Races, Scheyden eyewear are always my choice. When it comes to the competition nothing compares."

Dianna Stanger
Darkstar Air Racing







Vinnie Jones


Recognized for his roles in movies such as Snatcha and X-Men, actor Vinnie Jones is also an avid traveler who demands the best quality and ultimate functionality from his eyewear, watch and luggage.  After spending years on the road playing in the English Football League and trying out countless luggage pieces, Vinnie looks no further.  

Vinnie Jones is seen here with a custom TRS Ballistic Luggage 3-piece ensemble which includes a Carry-On, Check-In, and Check-In XL all with detailed embroidery from Club Glove's in house team.  He is also seen with Scheyden Fixed Hybrid Panorama eyewear and a True Aviator Steam Gauge, all built for those who demand precision.

Vinnie Jones




Captain William


Meet the newest captain for American Airlines, Captain William. 5-year old William has congenital heart defects and wants to be a pilot when he grows up and with the help of Make-A-Wish and American Airlines, his dream became a reality.   

Captain William is seen here with a custom Carry-On bag that Scheyden donated to help complete his uniform and carry his valuables on his flight from Chicago to Dallas.  This one of a kind Carry-On has his name specially embroidered right below the American Airlines logo.  

Captain William