Wouldn't travel without it!

Robert DeLaurentis, The "Zen Pilot", took a 90 day trip around the world through 22 countries with a trusted pair of Scheyden El Capitan Eyewear and personalized Club Glove Luggage.

He is seen here at the Rock of Gibraltar with the Backpack II and a Carry-On II.  This Train Reaction Ensemble makes gliding luggage on the runway nearly effortless for Robert on this journey. 

"Club Glove luggage is amazingly durable and perfect for pilots.  It fits well into the plane and stacks nicely. Wouldn't travel without it!"   

When flying around the world, it is important to travel with the most durable and reliable equipment.  At Scheyden, we demand precision, which is why Robert travels with the most trusted aviation eyewear company.  

Robert DeLaurentis, "Zen Pilot"

Eyewear: El Capitan