Jon Waddell

Many years ago, I bought a pair of Scheyden Albatross at Flying Cloud Airport in Shakopee MN.  I have worn that pair of sunglasses ever since.  I would like to say I treated them very carefully because I liked them so much.  The reality is that they have been put through the ringer over time, but they are still rock solid, and the optics are still perfect.


I have recently spent more time at the gun range and need a good pair of polycarbonate glasses for eye protection.  Last week I reached out Scheyden.  The customer advocate I spoke to knew exactly what I needed.  


They were shipped almost immediately, and I received them this morning.  The CIA Grabber was exactly what I was looking for.  The construction and clarity of the lenses where perfect.  Even my wife loved them( I think she will get a pair now).


Again, thanks for the sunglasses and the top-notch service.