The Scheyden C130 Sunglasses are amazing.

"The Scheyden C130 Sunglasses are amazing. I’ve worn many high end sunglasses, and there’s simply no comparison. The fit, comfort, and clarity of these sunglasses are beyond any that I have previously worn in the cockpit. The bronze lens cuts through the haze of a low setting sun without masking the cockpit instruments. When I put these sunglasses on the clarity of my surroundings become sharp and brilliant with just the right amount of contrast. Fantastic visual performance in the flight levels as well as on the ground. The rugged case, along with the included cleaning cloth is perfect for keeping them protected in the rigors of an airline environment. The lightweight titanium frame ensures I don’t feel fatigued after multiple legs. They’re the first thing I have on prior to pushback of the A320, and the last thing I remove after blocking in. Recommending to all my friends serious about aviation and optimum visual acuity. Finally, customer service is amazing! Kudos to Amanda! Truly a high performance company with high performance products enhancing your most valuable asset - your vision.

Thank you Scheyden!"
- John Hicks, Commercial Airlines Pilot, Airbus A320 First Officer