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The CIA Grabber is Made in Japan and features a feather-light, incredibly strong, TR90 composite frame with a high definition, dye infused, LT33 or LT16 RSR lenses. The lens is a decentered eight base, 33% or 16% Light Transmission 8 base wrap. When blending dyes to colorize the tint on any lens one must consider the reaction that the ‘visible light spectrum’ has on the human brain. After several attempts in blending the dyes, we feel we have found the perfect sweet spot within the visible light spectrum that will create the perfect contrast and color for the game of golf. This sweet spot will allow the player to put the Scheyden CIA’s on and keep them on during the entire round, including while performing shots in the shade of a tree.


*LT33 Light Bronze is best:

  • If you have never worn sunglasses playing golf before.
  • If you play in continually changing light conditions such as early morning, dusk, overcast and shaded areas.
  • This lens actually appears to brighten and sharpen your vision on the golf course yet still provides 100% UVA and UVB 400nm protection.


*LT16 Bronze is best:

  • If you are someone who consistently has been wearing sunglasses while playing golf.
  • If you encounter consistently bright sunny conditions.
  • If your eyes have a high sensitivity to light.
  • This lens actually appears to sharpen your vision on the golf course yet still provides 100% UVA and UVB 400nm protection.



  • Decentered, Dye infused, high-contrast, RSR LT33 or LT16 Lenses
  • Triple Anti Reflective, Hydrophobic, Scratch resistance and Flash Mirror Coatings.
  • Hand-crafted, ultra-light, TR90 composite frame
  • Lower Rimless mounted lens, eliminating 60% of the lower rim of the frame
  • High quality, oversized silicone nose pads, soft and adhering for comfort
  • Shapeable wire injected temple tips for fully adjustable comfort and fit
  • Light prescription RX available


  • Premium Protective Case
  • Scheyden Cleaning cloth
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 1 in
Frame Color

Black, Grey, Neon Yellow, White

Lens Color

LT16 Bronze, LT33 Light Bronze

Lens Material

Razor Sharp Resin



69 reviews for CIA Grabber

  1. Chris Torto (verified owner)

    Absolutely Amazing — Just received a pair playing yesterday at the John Daly Classic. Best sunglasses I have ever owned for golf. I threw out the glasses I was using and starting playing with the CIA Grabber. Absolutely amazing!

  2. dinesh kumar (verified owner)

    Everything is so Fine — Comfortable and great clarity

  3. Scott Gibson (verified owner)

    Better than anything else on the market — I played professional golf on tour and I still play a lot. I always wear my Scheyden eyewear but I especailly love the CIA Grabber. The fit under the hat, the clarity when reading greens and the overall look are just a few of the reasons why these are my favs. I love the protection from the sun and I also wear contacts, so having these on during windy days are a plus!

  4. Peter Jacobsen (verified owner)

    — The Scheyden glasses are so light and comfortable, you don?t even know they?re on. Easy to hit any shot on the course, even a hard swing with the driver. The best sunglasses I?ve ever worn on the golf course or anywhere!

  5. Bobby Clampett (verified owner)

    — In the testing I?ve already done, I am impressed with not only how vivid and clear the images are but also how much the glare is cut down. Reading greens is even better than with the naked eye. I couldn?t ask more from a pair of glasses.

  6. Bill (verified owner)

    — Bought my first pair several months ago after hearing all the positive comments on the PGA Tour channel on XM radio. They are awesome. You actually forget you have them on. And you can easily read a green with zero distortion. I highly recommend.

  7. Thomas Bruge (verified owner)

    — If you want the very best built and looking golf sunglasses, you need not look any further. The best sport sunglasses money can buy. Scheyden is the only one for me.

  8. Ray Talavera (verified owner)

    — I purchased the cia grabber in march these are the best made golf sunglasses better than Oakley and lens are great clear vision and the best warranty in the market I will be Purchasing another pair in light green lens I recommend giving these glasses and company a try and will not be disappointed in the quality and price is reasonable

  9. Jim Abt (verified owner)

    — Simply put the Scheyden sunglasses are the most distortion free, clearest, and brightest sunglasses I have ever worn. I had cataract surgery on both eyes after 50 years of coaching in the sun. I have never worn any type of glasses. Now I have to. Scheyden glasses are like wearing no sunglasses and reaping all the benefits.

  10. Amanda c (verified owner)

    — Great clear glasses!

  11. Dan Westbrook (verified owner)

    — I must admit that I find myself wearing these not only on the golf course, but around town and on trips as well. They are so comfortable and I have never had them slip on me during a round, even here in Central Texas where we have already had triple digits. Great Product!

  12. Dean B. (verified owner)

    — Comfortable and great clarity. These sunglasses are perfect for golf.

  13. Rob Schaal (verified owner)

    — As a PGA professional and former PGA TOUR Champions player, I wore oakleys for over 25 years. These lenses are far superior to seeing the ball, and reading greens. Also, the frames fit extremely well.

  14. Amanda c (verified owner)

    — Great glasses, very clear

  15. Jason C. (verified owner)

    — Living in Utah, we have a lot of weather change in a day, my first pair of CIA were the amber lenses. I liked them so much for overcast days on the golf course, I purchased a second pair with darker lenses which I love when the sun is out! Such a great fit, so clear I never have to take them on and off. Highly recommend!

  16. Rob Schaal (verified owner)

    — I have been an Oakley wearer for over 30 years. My Scheyden sunglasses are BY FAR superior to my Oakleys. I am a PGA professional and former PGA Tour Champions player. I am now 70 years old, and seeing the ball in the air has become difficult. The CIA lenses have created a new world of vision for me. I can now follow the ball for over 250 yds. It?s great to see the ball again!

    Rob Schaal

  17. Roger Haber (verified owner)

    — Best sunglasses I have ever had for golf. Totally recommend

  18. Steve Perry (verified owner)

    Quality glasses — I have had the CIA style glasses for several years and give them high marks. Many fellow golfers have admired them and made their own purchases. Im a 84 year old Army veteran who loves golf. These glasses really help my old eyes when on the golf course.. There customer service is the best. I wanted darker lenses and John personally handled the process and I had my glasses back very fast. I will be getting another pair.

  19. Glen Poole (verified owner)

    — Love em on the golf course! Optics are excellent!

  20. James (verified owner)

    — Heard about the CIA Grabbers on Paulson & Paulson show on PGA Tour radio SiriusXM so I bought a pair of the LT33 Light Bronze. All I can say is WOW! I thought they were prescription lenses by the way my eyes relaxed….Amazing! Well done Scheyden Eyewear!

  21. Wally Joyner (verified owner)

    — I have rarely Worn Sunglasses when I play Golf? The Glasses Slide because of the Sweating. The Vision is Too Dark? and The overall Feel is Uncomfortable!!

    I put the Scheyden Glasses on This morning and Headed out to play a round of Golf at Mission Viejo? 7 am Tee time.. sunrise just beginning? My Vision was Unreal!! The Clarity of the Course and Greens were Tremendous!!

    The Feel of the Glasses on my Face and Nose was Perfect.. I actually Forgot I was Wearing the Glasses because of the Overall Comfort of the Glasses

    I promise I will be wearing these Glasses every Round from Here on Out!!

    Scheyden Lenses and Glasses are the BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!!

    On a Golfing Note? I shot my best round of golf for the Year..
    71 from one up from the tips!!

    I am a Believer!!!

  22. Mike Naton (verified owner)

    — Awesome pair of glasses. Been playing for 45 years and first pair of sunglasses that I feel totally comfortable reading greens (with glasses on)

  23. R Edwards (verified owner)

    — Love the glasses! I now can?t play without them and no other pair of sunglasses has ever came close to Scheyden in color or clarity.

  24. Curt Byrum (verified owner)

    Love my new Scheyden sunglasses — Love my new Scheyden sunglasses. I went with the CIA Grabber with the darker lens for golf. They work great. No problem reading greens with them and great protection when it is really bright out. They also keep the wind off my contact lens so they do not dry out. I love how they stay on my face and do not slip around as well. Definitely my go to sunglasses for work or play outdoors.

  25. Sam Huddleston (verified owner)

    — Excellent sunglasses! Fit is snug and comfortable and they stay put on your face! Would highly recommend them!

  26. Ron Garvin (verified owner)

    — Been wearing since day one, and my eyes feel more relaxed during and after play. I’ve been able to see my shots clearer and with much less work.

  27. Cliff Beveridge (verified owner)

    — I used to wear sunglasses only in between shots on the golf course. And I would never even think about wearing them while reading a putt. But now I wear my Scheyden sunglasses all the time. I can see even more clearly to read the greens. I cannot thank Scheyden enough for coming out with a product that works so well for golfers…

  28. Brian C (verified owner)

    — These shades are perfect for golf. They stay bright and clear even when clouds pass overhead. My golf buddies all bought a pair after trying mine

  29. Ken Stockton (verified owner)

    — These sunglasses have the best fit ever — absolutely perfect/never any slippage. the lenses offer a nice combination of sun protection while also providing a bright landscape.

  30. Kip Puterbaugh PGA Professional (verified owner)

    Their clarity fit and function are simply the best — Having taught golf for over 50 years I have gone through many brands of sunglasses. When I switched to my new Scheyden dark lens sunglasses the light came on! Their clarity, fit and function are simply the best! It also helps that they help me read greens as the slopes are more defined. I cannot recommend them enough!

  31. Smylie Kaufman (verified owner)

    Everything is so clear — Everything is so clear and bright when wearing these sunglasses. They fit my face well, which keeps dust from getting into my eyes on the golf course.

  32. Mike Phillips (verified owner)

    — I wear them everytime I play. Comfortable and clear as a bell.

  33. Tuscy4 (verified owner)

    — Have played golf for 50 years and have probably had 5 makes of sunglasses during that time on the course. The Scheyden glasses are the best for sure. Clear , good fit and the most important part , I can read greens without taking them off. Great product

  34. Tvis (verified owner)

    — Great glasses, see the game thru a different perspective.

  35. Bob Nelson (verified owner)

    — I initially bought a pair to use when I play golf. But I enjoyed them while I was driving as well. Very good investment!

  36. Tony Castaneda (verified owner)

    — I have always wore Oakley shades when I drive or play golf. I tried the Scheyden LT33 Light Bronze and they are the best sun glasses I have ever worn. I loved them so much I bought another pair of the LT16 darker bronze.

  37. Dinesh (verified owner)

    CIA Grabber — This is very good Product…

  38. James H (verified owner)

    — These have become my favorite sunglasses. I bought them for golf but I find myself wearing them everywhere now. So light and comfortable I can wear them all day. I got the lighter lens as it works better for me on the golf course. I just can’t play with dark lenses, but these lenses are so clear and bright I feel like a see everything better.

  39. Jim Kahn (verified owner)

    — I?ve never played golf with sunglasses because they either move on my face when I swing and are unstable or are too bulky. The CIA Grabbers literally grab onto your face so subtly and lightly; being able to ?tighten? the frames to fit snugly is amazing. You really don?t feel you?re wearing glasses as they?re so light. But the eye protection is fantastic and they actually provide greater clarity on the greens and I felt I saw lines better and made a more confident putting stroke?seriously!! I will actually now NEVER play WITHOUT sunglasses?well without CIA?s! Truly amazing product. Thanks… !!

  40. Christopher Cassani (verified owner)

    — For golf, they are super stable on your head. I play in Arizona sunshine and they offer the perfect amount of light filtering so that you can wear the glasses the whole round, including in shade. They are my go to glasses off the course too, amd they are great for driving.

  41. Ray (verified owner)

    — Great quality sunglasses I love them better than my Oakley?s at a much lower reasonable price with all the great clearest lenses in golf
    Very well made

  42. Lisa DePaulo (verified owner)

    — Y?all did it with these glasses! I really like them. They are light, fit on my face well and Jeff is right, I don?t even know they are on! Thanks again.

  43. Bruce Kaufman (verified owner)

    — I can see the ball in the air 100x better than the naked eye (when properly get it in the air). The bendable arm is great, like an “aha” moment. Bottoms of standard sunglasses interfere with sightlines in a setup position, and these do not! Lastly, the color and clarity with these on, put me in my own little world – now I understand why pros wear them!

  44. George (verified owner)

    — I’m a contact lens wearer and in 50 years of playing golf, I never wore sunglasses because of distortion when reading greens. These glasses actually enhance the contours, clarity and brightness without adding glare.
    Now my eyes are relaxed and comfortable after the round. Customer service is great too. They answered all my question before I placed my order.

  45. Bruce K (verified owner)

    — ?I tested them on the golf course. I never took them off, and honestly, I forgot I had them on.?

  46. Vic Rutecki (verified owner)

    — Wow! That was my reaction when I first put the Grabbers on. My vision in the bright sunshine improved dramatically. And, they’re comfortable to wear.
    Best sunglasses for golf that I ever wore by far.

  47. BRETT HAUER (verified owner)

    — I was able to golf 9 holes today in 45 degree overcast/partly cloudy weather with my new CIA glasses. I absolutely love them! Very comfortable and really helped clarify the view of the grass.

    Ended up shooting a 39 for 9 holes with an eagle (par 35)! That?s a very good score for me and the best thing: I wore the glasses the whole round.

  48. Tom Palumbo (verified owner)

    — They?re great glasses. I?ve played two rounds with them already and with the bright sunlight and heat in the Central Valley they where extremely comfortable. I wish I had these before I spent all that money on Oakley?s.

  49. Tom Frizzell (verified owner)

    — I have been looking for a pair of sunglasses for years – mainly to try and reduce the sun damage that can harm your eyes over time, but I could never find a pair that had both great optics and comfort until now.
    The clarity of the lenses is amazing and really enhances your ability to see the contours and read greens. The bonus was that they don’t interfere with your sight lines and are so lightweight and comfortable you forget you are wearing them. Highly recommend them!

  50. Len Mattiace (verified owner)

    — I love the CIA Grabbers by Scheyden. Best eyewear on and off the course. So light and comfortable, with clarity of every break in the greens.

  51. Dennis Paulson (verified owner)

    — I’ve worn them all and these lenses are the best I have ever tried. I prefer the lighter color to let as much light as possible in and these are absolutely amazing. Nothing I have ever used come close to these sun glasses. The Grabbers will absolutely grab your attention!

  52. Carl Paulson (verified owner)

    — I have worn all types of sunglasses on the golf course through the years. The CIAs are the most comfortable sunglasses with the best lenses I?ve ever worn. I wish I had these when I was playing on tour! All day comfort, all day eye protection and the best lenses in the business make these sunglasses AWESOME!

  53. JONATHAN TSE (verified owner)

    — I’ve worn the CIA Grabber glasses for several rounds and they are absolutely the best eyewear for golf. The lighter tint gives great contrast and clarity under sunny or hazy daylight. When wearing the Scheyden glasses, I kept them on throughout the round. My eyes did not get tired or fatigued as I experienced with other brands of glasses. The size of the lens also does a great job of keeping light from creeping in through the sides. They are lightweight and the adjustability of the stems allows you to conform the fit to your face.

    Anyone who golfs has to try these glasses. I doubt they will go back to their old ones!

  54. Jeff Baseley (verified owner)

    — I am very satisfied Club Glove customer. We have multiple travel golf bags, rolling duffel, and Scheyden sunglasses.

    The Scheyden sunglasses are AMAZING. My eye doctor wants me to were sunglasses all time. Others that I have owned, I was constantly taking on and off. The Scheyden are quite different. They are the exact opposite – ? I can?t take them off?. Every time I try to, I am forced to put them back on immediately. It takes several minutes for my eyes adjust after taking them off. I have an eye disease that makes the lights in retail stores very difficult on my eyes. The Scheyden indoors in that environment make things much easier to deal with. I have a question. I have the lighter version LT33. Do the LT16 provide the same crisp vision?

    Thanks again for your great family of products!

  55. JACK MANCARELLA (verified owner)

    — I just received my 2nd pair of CIA Scheyden glasses. I first heard of the product thru ITR radio. I don’t usually buy products from the stations adds however, a Club Champion fitting and now Scheyden Cia glasses are the best two products I have purchased.

    I have been able to play 3 rounds with the glasses and after a few minutes I don’t even realize they are there. My eyes feel more rested during and after the round, I can see the contours and various shades even in low lite conditions, and the clarity and no fog lenses are awesome. I have paid MUCH more for sun glasses and these are by far the best value, no more expensive glasses for me!

  56. Ken Tucker (verified owner)

    — Motivated by listening to ITR with Dennis and Carl and the founder, the health benefits first and foremost – protecting my eyes and reducing stress from squinting, UV protection and wind seemed logical – particularly with a pair of glasses that are so comfortable and light – you do forget you are wearing them instantly – vision and clarity – fortunately I see pretty well for distance and these glasses do help – only 3 rounds in so far under various light conditions and I am happy with my purchase – I need 1.50 reading glasses for work and such and use sun readers while driving so they are definitely golf specific in my case – definitely satisfied with the quality, performance and price

  57. David Cox (verified owner)

    — Excellent

  58. Gillette Kirk (verified owner)

    — The best golf glasses I have ever used. They have actually helped in reading puts. Only thing I would hope that you would come out with a lens that is more contour fitting.

  59. Robert Dew (verified owner)

    — I have been wearing my Scheyden CIA’s for a couple month’s and they have outperformed all other brands I have worn on the course. I play 200 rounds/year +/-, don’t tell my wife, and these are by far the most comfortable glasses I have had. There is no light peaking in around the edges and they don’t move around or fall off ever. Also, great customer service. The first week I had them my friends dog got ahold of them and chewed the rubber arms off, no damaged to the glasses. I reached out and they had a replacement pieces in the mail the next day. Highly recommended if your looking for quality on course eyewear.

  60. Lee F (verified owner)

    — The glasses are great and really help create contrast to see the golf ball in flight. I have a smaller face and the lenses are bit big for my face. Wish they made these with a slightly smaller lens. I just cant play golf without these on.

  61. Pat ONeill (verified owner)

    — I purchased the CIA Grabbers after looking at the website. They arrived and I was disappointed in the figment was not right for me; I have a very narrow nose bridge and the sunglasses just didn?t fit me and there is no provision to bend the nose piece. I asked my wife, an excellent golfer, if she wanted to try them and she loves them!

  62. Bob P (verified owner)

    — I usually have golf specific sunglasses I leave in my bag. However, the Scheyden are so crystal clear they have become my full time sunglasses. As advertised they are the best glasses I have ever owned. Well done

  63. Omar Uresti (verified owner)

    — I have had my Scheyden CIA LT33 sunglasses for over a year and half. I really like the clearness of the lens. Also I cannot tell you how many times I have walked inside with them on after being on the golf course or driving my car and forgot I was wearing them. They are a comfortable and a durable frame.

  64. Ty (verified owner)

    — Super comfortable and the lenses are spectacular. Gray finish stands out but still sleek. Thanks!

  65. JONATHAN TSE (verified owner)

    — I just received my 2nd pair of CIA Scheyden glasses. I first heard of the product thru ITR radio. I don’t usually buy products from the stations adds however, a Club Champion fitting and now Scheyden Cia glasses are the best two products I have purchased.

    I have been able to play 3 rounds with the glasses and after a few minutes I don’t even realize they are there. My eyes feel more rested during and after the round, I can see the contours and various shades even in low lite conditions, and the clarity and no fog lenses are awesome. I have paid MUCH more for sun glasses and these are by far the best value, no more expensive glasses for me!

  66. Ron Fobes (verified owner)

    — Overall happy with the purchase. Had them on my hat and hit the golf cart roof getting out and scratched one of the lenses though. Maybe an adjustment in the nose piece would be nice they could fit a little better there.

  67. Nick (verified owner)

    — Amazing clarity and quality. Can see the target no matter the conditions… even when it is overcast.
    The case provided should be better – and match the quality of the glasses.

  68. John Chahbandour (verified owner)

    — The lenses are good but the glasses are very uncomfortable to wear. They fit very poorly and as a result I have stopped wearing them. A disappointing purchase for sure.

  69. Rick Stover (verified owner)

    — Good product and excellent fit. Only issue is the tint on the edges has worn off in different locations on both lenses.

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Standard 1 Year Warranty

Scheyden Precision Eyewear standard Mineral Glass and RSR lenses are covered for one (1) year from original date of purchase for manufacturer defects.

Should you have the unfortunate circumstance of scratching or breaking your standard sun-lenses, West Coast Trends, Inc. will replace them for the following price:

  • $49.95 plus return shipping and handling. This includes Standard Sun-Lens replacement, clean and tune up frame (frame tune up includes replacement of nose pads, ear socks and ultrasonic cleaning).
  • Nose pads on our composite frames and cloisonné tips on certain models cannot be replaced. This offer is valid for your first lens replacement.

Should you require additional lens replacements, the price schedule is as follows:

  • $89.95 plus shipping and handling. Standard Sun-Lens replacement to include frame tune up and labor.
  • ReaderX, custom prescription and custom tinted lenses (custom color, tint, etc.) are not covered under this warranty.
  • Effective December 1, 2020.
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